Paris, December 11 2019Midem, the home of the global music community, today announces it will feature an exclusive masterclass, delivered by Wyclef Jean, within the conference programme, 2 June – 5 June 2020, Palais des Festivals, Cannes.
On Wednesday, 3 June, “Enter the Wyclef Jean Creative Lab: The Secret of Music Production”, will run in Midem’s Artist Hub. Led by the legendary, multi Grammy-winning solo artist, producer and founding member of The Fugees, this session will be just one of the many artist-focused initiatives in Midem’s Artist Hub, a core element of the fresh 2020 programme.
In this exclusive intimate session, in association with Sound Royalties, Wyclef will invite attending artists into his creative lab for a privileged insight into the journey of music production. This masterclass will cover both the essentials of music production and explore exactly how to monetise music, with added guidance and expertise from Alex Heiche, CEO and founder of music finance firm Sound Royalties.
Wyclef has accepted the challenge to produce a track live on stage, collaborating with other international musicians. Artists are invited to join them and learn how to craft a successful hit. Wyclef is excited to be returning to Midem, saying, “I am very proud to once again be attending Midem, one of the best international music events I have ever attended. I look forward to working with new talent and sharing my knowledge and experience.
The Artist Hub, in association with the International Artist Organisation (IAO), will be the beating heart of the artist experience at Midem 2020. The place for artists to pick up essential expert tips on talent development, network, share ideas and create collaboratively, putting artists back at the centre of discussions, the Artist Hub will host an international gathering of artists and provide a platform for dialogue. Dedicated to developing professional training and the sharing of knowledge for artists, it will also showcase artist-entrepreneurs and creation. This key component of Midem’s programme returns after a successful 2019 debut, during which the IAO presented its “Featured Artist Declaration”, campaigning for the right of artists to receive a fair share of all value generated from their works. The 2019 Artist Hub also saw a record participation of 517 artists attending the solid programme that featured Lady Gaga’s producer, DJ White Shadow, Blur’s drummer Dave Rowntree and Israeli electro duo, Infected Mushroom.
Midem Director, Alexandre Deniot, is very much looking forward to hosting Wyclef in Cannes, saying, “We can’t wait to welcome Wyclef to the heart of the global artist community at Midem. His masterclass will be such an incredible opportunity for artists to gain precious insight into his creative process. The Artist Hub’s unique programme is complementary to Midem’s wider ethos to break down borders and unite all elements of the global music industry community. Artists play a huge part in making Midem a dynamic hub, buzzing with creativity and business know-how. Within the frame of the Artist Hub, international artists will share their experience, vision and creation as well as recount what it’s really like in today’s music business. We can all learn something from that.”
Wyclef Jean
Three-time Grammy award-winning artist and producer, with sales of 100 million albums worldwide and 20 million singles globally, Wyclef Jean is one of the most influential figures in popular culture. Having made his indelible mark on the music landscape as a founding member of The Fugees, he has continued his soaring success through his solo career, and produced some of the most successful songs in history. Wyclef is one of the few artists whose work transcends space and time by understanding and absorbing the influences around him and translating them into a sound that is always relevant and fully his own.
As a solo artist, Wyclef has released seven albums, selling nearly nine million copies worldwide. His 2017 studio album, Carnival III: The Fall and Rise of a Refugee, was named one of the “25 Most Anticipated Albums” of the fall by Billboard Magazine. In November 2018, Netflix announced the production of an untitled animated project based on the real-life story of his childhood in Haiti. Wyclef recently released his newest project, Wyclef Goes Back to School, a collaboration with students he met while touring the US.
Other Artist Hub Programme Highlights for 2020
“New Ways of Making Noise for Artists”
In the current competitive music landscape, it’s becoming more and more difficult to break through the noise. Artists need to find ever more creative approaches and business opportunities to connect with their audience globally.  
This session will give artists major tips to better understand this innovative landscape and help them design creative programs to elevate their artists’ stories.
Confirmed Speakers:
  • Vanja Primorac, Executive, Music Innovation, United Talent Agency (USA)
  • Karen Allen, Author, Twitch for Musicians (USA)
“Midem is a creative hub for some of the music industry’s most innovative individuals to discuss solutions to the challenges facing our constantly evolving business. I am honored to join that conversation as a panelist and as a judge for the Midem lab,” said Vanja Primorac, Music Innovation, United Talent Agency.
“Artists: a Guide to Promote Yourself in the Key Music Markets”
In today’s globalised music economy, visibility, brand image and marketability are all vital for artists to make their mark on a global market. Artist strategies require innovation, adaptability and artistic freedom to develop fresh ways to interact with fans, as well as knowledge to clearly understand the local specifics of markets. In this session, key stakeholders from local PR agencies will share insights with artists and managers, enabling them to understand cultural and media differences in the main music markets.
Confirmed Speakers:
  • Michael Frohoff, CEO, Kruger Media (Germany)
  • Adam Lewis, Founder, Planetary Group (USA)
“Playback Session” – Presented by A&R Worldwide/MUSEXPO
In a music economy without borders, exciting music is popping up everywhere, giving opportunities for new success stories to emerge. Creation is also born of doubts and therefore requires a sustained level of attention and nurturing guidance. In partnership with Los Angeles-based A&R Worldwide (in addition to its annual music and media event, MUSEXPO Los Angeles), Midem will offer attendees, performers and content owners, the unique chance to present their music to a panel of outstanding international A&R professionals who will share their observations, feedback and advice on the music.
Confirmed Speakers:
  • Amina Diop, SVP of A&R, Republic Records, Owner, The Diop Agency (USA)
  • Kabiru Bello, Director of A&R, Warner Music Sweden and Head of Asylum (Sweden)
  • Sat Bisla, President & Founder, A&R Worldwide / MUSEXPO (USA)
“Enter the Wyclef Jean Creative Lab: The Secret of Music Production”, will take place in The Artist Hub on Wednesday 3 June, within the Midem 2020 Programme. Discover the latest programme updates here.
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