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Paris, March 4 2021Midem, the home of the global music community, and Latinx Bizarro Lab, today unveil the programme for the Midem Latin American Forum, to be hosted on Midem Digital, 11-12 March.
Midem, in partnership with Bizarro Lab, organisers of Latinx, brings together a group of leading execs across the spectrum of the industry from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico to discuss the main trends shaking the region and spotlight the most exciting music scenes for the international community to discover. Aimed at creating business opportunities for artists and professionals, the digital Midem Latin American Forum will explore the rich diversity and opportunities of the Latin music industry, sounds and music tech scene, via an immersive programme of panel discussions, bespoke networking opportunities and artist showcases.
The conference programme features Colombian superstar, Carlos Vives, looking back on his career and discussing the internationalisation of local genres including vallenato. Another session, curated by the LAMC, will take an in-depth look at Latin American alternative music scenes. Participants can also tune into a conversation about the voices of women in Latin America, featuring Warner Chappell’s Mexican artist, Ximena Sariñana, alongside artist and festival founder, Francisca Valenzuela, among others.
The showcase programme will put the spotlight on some of the most vibrant Latin American music sounds through a diverse lineup of talented artists such as the female mariachi ensemble, Flor de Toloache, Chilean Pop icon Vesta Lugg, the exciting rock band Diamante Eléctrico and Conociendo Rusia, led by Mateo Sujatovich, who is re-establishing the classic Argentine song.


Tomas Cookman, Founder/CEO of Cookman International, Nacional Records (USA), says, “Having discussions and explorations like these are key to the continued growth of the music business in general and Latin music in particular. We are in a growth moment for Latin music – a growth that will continue to see new success stories.”
Colombian artist, Diamante Eléctrico says, “We are always very excited to take our music to new stages and this year, in the middle of the pandemic and with the great difficulties of traveling to play in other countries, we are even more excited to be part of Midem Latin American Forum, in association with LatinX/Bizarrolab.”
Mexican artist, Renee Goust comments, “I’m so excited to be a part of the Midem Digital Latin American Forum in collaboration with LatinX BizarroLab this year. Can’t wait to share my Mexican music-infused songwriting as well as a message of inclusion and social change with the music community.”


Thursday 11 March
3-3:15PM CET: A Deep Dive Into Latin American Sounds
Latin expert and Billboard’s VP Latin, Leila Cobo shares exclusive insight on the state of Latin music, analysing current trends and key data on Latin music and charts. 
4–4.45PM CET: Understanding Latin America: Key Trends Shaking The Region
Some of the hottest tracks and artists are Latin. Opportunities are endless. This panel highlights the must-know trends and insights on the key markets of Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.
Speakers: Alfredo Alonso, CEO, Bizarro Live Entertainment (Chile), Luis Gabriel Castillo, President Andean & Central America, Altafonte (Colombia), Luis Estrada, President, Southern Cone, Universal Music Group (USA), Nicolas Madoery, Country Manager, DITTO & Founder, 432 Hertzios (Argentina), Ana Rodriguez, Founder, Relatable, Co-Chair, IMMF & Founder, MMF Latam (Mexico)
5–5.30PM CET: Women Voices in Latin America
Women across the industry are raising their voices and accessing leadership roles. This exclusive panel will bring together Mexican artist, Ximena Sariñana, artist and festival founder Francisca Valenzuela, leading manager, Camila Saraiva, and digital power player, Laura Tesoriero, for a conversation on the place of women in today’s music business in Latin America.
Speakers: Francisca Valenzuela, Artist & Founder, Ruidosa Fest (Chile), Camila Saraiva, CEO & Co-Founder, M3 Music (Colombia), Laura Tesoriero, VP Latin America, The Orchard (Argentina), Ximena Sariñana, Artist (Mexico)
6.00PM – 7.30PM CET: Networking: How to Get Into Latin America
Looking to develop your network and grow your international business? Meet with leading execs from Latin America’s most exciting markets in a one-to-many session.
Friday 12 March
3 – 3.15PM CET: A Deep Dive into Latin American Sounds
Latin expert and Billboard’s VP Latin Leila Cobo explores groundbreaking Latin songs, highlighting hits from her latest book, Decoding Despacito: An Oral History of Latin Music, and today’s hottest musical trends, in an exclusive conversion with AJ Ramos.
4–4.45PM CET: Decoding The Alternative Music Scenes of Latin America
in association with the LAMC
This panel delves into the various vibrant alternative music scenes in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Chile, covering a diverse array of genres, including everything from rock to trap, cumbia, folkloric, electronica and more. Industry execs in each market compare notes on successes, challenges and how these scenes support each other and connect to a global audience.
Speakers: Rodrigo Espector, Music Manager & Director, Buenos Aires Feria Internacional de Música (Argentina), Fabrizio Onetto, Head of Content & Artist Development, OCESA Seitrack (Mexico), Oliver Knust Restucci, Director, Chilemúsica (Chile), Diana Rodriguez, CEO & Founder, Criteria (Colombia)
5–5.30PM CET: Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Latin America
Join this panel to learn more about the LATAM tech ecosystem. Key players and innovation experts provide their analysis on the state of the region’s music tech ecosystem and share thoughts on current opportunities for startups to develop business and grow in Latin America.
Speakers: Camila Lecaros, Director, MassChallenge (Mexico), Ricardo Lira, CEO Bizarro Lab, Music Tech Accelerator (Chile), Tomás Uribe, CEO, Stereotheque y GRITA (Colombia)
6–6.30PM CET: Artist Talk with Carlos Vives
The iconic Colombian superstar will look back at his career, spanning more than three decades, and reflect on the evolution of Latin music, its place in the international scene, and the growing impact and audiences local genres such as vallenato have on today’s global world.
6.30PM CET: Artist Showcases
Cande y Paulo – Jazz
Conociendo Rusia – Rock / Alternative
Vesta Lugg – Pop
Polima Westcoast – R’n’B / Hip Hop / Urban
Diamante Eléctrico – Rock / Alternative
Vale – Indie pop
Flor de Toloache – Mariachi
Renee Goust – LatinX neo-folk

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Notes To Editors
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About Midem Digital – The Midem digital platform aims to bring the global music community together online to stimulate discussion, share solutions, and achieve a better understanding of what is ahead for our industry in the post-COVID era. It allows participants to seize new business opportunities and network with relevant business partners on a global scale, thanks to international forums and masterclasses by music tech entrepreneurs and artists, as well as conferences with key players in the international music community.
About Latinx the Latinx i+E seminar, organised by Bizarro Lab, was designed to combine talks about tech innovation and the future of entertainment, with the mission to contribute to strengthening the critical competencies of Latin American agents of the entertainment industry.
About Bizarro Lab (a BeLive Group Company) – Bizarro Lab is a division of innovation, R&D, management and promotion for the creative industries in Latam.